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Paying by cheque

If you are a UK buyer and would like to pay for your Noise Heat Power products by cheque, just follow these simple instructions.

Decide which items you want to buy, then add up the total cost and don't forget to add on the postage and packing charge - use the details in the product description. If you would prefer me to do the donkey work, email me at noiseheatpower [at] hotmail [dot] co [dot] uk and tell me what you want to buy; I can then send you the accurate total.

Write out your cheque. Make it payable to 'Damon Fairclough'.

Write out a covering note including the following information:
- Your name
- Your postal address
- Your email address (if possible)
- The items you want to buy
- The quantity of each item

Send your cheque and covering note to this address:
Noise Heat Power address

Once I receive your cheque, I will allow a week for it to clear, then send out your products by first class post.

And that, dear friends, should be that.

PLEASE NOTE: Unfortunately, Noise Heat Power products are currently only for sale to UK buyers.

Now close this window and return to your shopping.


© Damon Fairclough 2013